Phytoceramides – The Foundation Of Juvenescence

Skin & Aging

Can Phytoceramides Help Against Aging?

Tired of fight dry skin and wrinkles? Want a plump and hydrated skin? Well, you can now turn back the hands of time and look younger and healthy with phytoceramides, a powerful anti-ager. These are the plant-extracted equivalent of ceramides, which are a powerful compound that help to keep the skin filled and glowing. 

Ceramides are lipids (a very scientific link) that are present naturally in the skin. They prevent wrinkles and sagging from occurring. But as you age, it’s amount diminishes in the skin, which may lead to those hideous wrinkles as well as dry and itchy skin. Phytoceramides are basically equal to those found in the skin’s membrane, allowing them to imitate their actions. 

Therefore phytoceramides help to restore the natural outer layer of the skin. The super powerful molecules function from the inside out, getting immersed into the bloodstream and drifted to the inner layer of the skin. They immensely reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for a more youthful look.


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